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How to build your farm community using a membership model so you don't have to farm alone

Ivan, Oscar and Manny Planting Corn for Maizal

Key problem: Today’s farmers find themselves tackling a big farm and huge workload all on their own, without the help of extensive families as in the past. And not only do they need to grow food, but modern farmers also need skills in marketing, business, customer relationships, and much more to be successful.

Webinar outcome: You will learn the logistics and operations of building a diversely-skilled community around you to effectively grow your farm. Using a membership model, you will learn how to have other farmers and local businesses use your land to access the support you need to earn income for your farm business.

How to maintain your farm machines with practical, low-cost strategies to avoid headaches and expensive repairs


Key problem: Farm labour is too expensive for many farms to afford, forcing farmers to use machines to do the work. However, most people don’t know how to take care of their machines, resulting in improper maintenance and painfully expensive repairs that take a lot of work on the farm to pay for.

Webinar outcome: You will learn how to put the systems in place to properly maintain your farm machines and equipment, including tractors, mowers, tools, water pumps, energy systems, etc. You will understand how to catch potential problems before they become expensive failures, and know how to hire the right skilled worker when something does inevitably run its course and break down.

How to make local food farming the green business that changes your life


Key problem: As aspiring entrepreneurs, we want to have both positive impacts on our community and fulfilling careers. But it can be discouraging to pursue a business when we see corporations still operating under the climate of “business as usual,” often leading to harmful costs, such as negative environmental impacts. How can we change the way business is done, while still making a profit?

Webinar outcome: You will learn how local food farming can be the green business that helps you achieve your goals of succeeding in business and making a positive impact on your community. You will learn about the range of businesses within local food farming that you can pursue, and how to integrate your enterprise with your local community and other businesses to create partnerships and share resources.

How to build homestead projects using reclaimed materials to save thousands of dollars


Key problem: New materials are so expensive nowadays that most farmers can’t justify the costs for needed upgrades or new builds on their farm, given the long payback period. In addition, the larger society no longer uses farms for their once-valued role of integrating “waste” back into the earth, taking a one-time use approach for materials that simply adds to our growing landfills.

Webinar outcome: You will learn how to use reclaimed and upcycled materials to affordably repair or build things on your farm. Instead of spending tons of money on new materials or feed, you will learn how to make value out of seemingly unvaluable resources, such as food waste. In doing so, you will save thousands of dollars and help restore those beneficial, symbiotic relationships between the farm and broader society.

How to prepare ahead for a pain-free transition from city to rural life


Key problem: Many people from the city have been moving to rural communities for a change of pace, to homestead, or to farm. But oftentimes, these urbanites soon end up returning to the city, not having developed the skills required to adapt to rural life. The clash between urban and rural cultures can make the already difficult task of moving even more daunting for those who aren’t prepared.

Webinar outcome: You will get an insider’s look into the rural way of life, gaining an understanding about the perspectives, skills, and challenges that are unique to rural culture. As a result, you will learn how to develop the methods, skills, and relationships that will enable you to thrive in a rural environment, so that you’ll be prepared for a successful move from the city.

How to buy good farmland that doesn’t take ten years to yield a return

Expert farmers working with dozens of plants in the ecosystem

Key problem: Buying quality, productive farmland is a real challenge for farmers nowadays. First, a lot of farmland is no longer good due to the degradation and depletion of land by our Western agricultural system. Second, there are many complex considerations that inexperienced farmers miss in choosing the right farm, leading to the purchase of land that takes years to yield a return, or worse, results in complete failure.

Webinar outcome: You will learn the top factors you need to assess when buying farmland, including aspects about the farm’s landscape, soil, water, exposure, natural diversity, buildings and equipment, and much more. As a result, you’ll be able to view potential farms with an expert eye on which farmland will meet your goals, saving you years of work and huge costs.

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How to use solar energy to grow more food without spending thousands of dollars (PAST WEBINAR)


Key problem: Solar energy is a flexible and sustainable source of energy that can help you grow more food on your farm. However, many people find going solar too technical to tackle on their own, and too expensive to hand over to a professional, leaving them frustratingly tied to the conventional power grid.

Webinar outcome: You will gain an understanding of the types of challenges solar can help you solve, and why the conventional method of going solar doesn’t work. You’ll also learn why going small with your solar system can best serve your needs. As a result, you will gain greater self-sovereignty and grow more food with less work.

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